Hello, I'm Christina Godsey, a second grade teacher and excited to start this project on Tuesday. I have done several online projects with Susan and always enjoy them. We live in Columbus, home of the apparently not so mighty Ohio State Buckeyes. lol Anyway, just wanted to post a quick hello.

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  1. chgodsey said...
    Um..I have four computers in my classroom and yes I have used them for many things including centers. My students are currently doing a research report on Arctic animals and are typing the paper and I am commenting using the Microsoft word comments tool. Once we are done with this they will create a PowerPoint to share with the other second grade classrooms. They always enjoy these types of projects although they are very time consuming and take much longer then I think they should. I am hoping that by the end of the school year we are faster at computer work. I also have an HP laptop that was awarded to our school from a grant and use it to project many lessons and create webquests for the students.

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