Hello, I'm Christina Godsey, a second grade teacher and excited to start this project on Tuesday. I have done several online projects with Susan and always enjoy them. We live in Columbus, home of the apparently not so mighty Ohio State Buckeyes. lol Anyway, just wanted to post a quick hello.


Hi. I'm Laurie from Arkansas. I teach 2nd grade. I have 3 student computers in the room. We also have a computer lab once a week for an hour. Most of the time the students work on Compass program in the computer lab. On some days when I'm in the lab with them we have a lesson on using word, power point, internet, kidspiration, etc. It is difficult to allow students to use classroom computers to complete assignments. While I have 3 working on computers the other 20 kids feel like they have to talk to me right then, making it difficult to help computer people. It is easier to teach in the lab but we don't get to visit it enough for kids to retain skills learned on computer. I love the enthusiam the children have to do anything on the computer.

Dawn Jeffries

I am Dawn Jeffries and teach first grade at Montgomery Elementary in NY.
We have 3 computers that are getting old. But this year I was lucky enough to have
a smartboard installed in my room. We use our computers daily at least 3 times a day. I allow them to use them in the morning as free time. We use the smart board with all my lessons. I love starfall.com and internet4classrooms.com as resources. We use the gallery software for writing and note taking as a chalkboard/chartpaper. We use our computers during centers which are set up on programs that goes with the curriculum taught that week. I was unsure of how to use kidspiration in the past but overcame that challenge with my masters degree class. I used the program and became familiar. I plan on using the kidspiration templates that others and myself create in learning centers and as whole class instruction to tie in with the literature. I am excited to get ideas from others.

Talk to you soon!


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