I teach second grade in central New York. I have 4 computers with internet access in my room. I also have one printer. We have a lab that is open for classroom teachers every other day. On the other days we have a teacher assistant that teaches computer classes. The children have computer class once in our six day cycle.

I love how the children are so comfortable using the computers and they are so willing to help each other out.

My biggest concern is that they often sit unused day after day in my classroom. Learning centers are frowned upon in our district. The children can use them in the mornings when their morning jobs are completed but that doesn't give them much time and excludes those who eat breakfast or get brought to school at the last minute. I do use Bookadventure.com frequently after we've read a story. I use the lab for typing reports and math drill. I'm hoping someday to figure out a way to use the computers in our room on a more frequent basis.

I've combined the Frosty Reader project with writing a class book for publication through Studentreasures.com. The children have written many types of winter poems. One they did for Frosty Readers on Kidspiration2 and another poem they're doing for publication in our class book. Hopefully the snow will stop and we'll get back to school to finish both projects before being on vacation next week.

I'd welcome any suggestions on how to use the computers in my room during instructional time.


Hello to all

Hi, there,
I thought I would say "hello" to the Frosty group!

This is my first attempt with Kidspiration, but it seems as if it will be an amazing tool.

I'm truly interested in seeing what others create so I can learn more!

Thanks, as always, Susan, for stretching me as an educator!


Happy to join Frosty Readers again

I've did Frosty Readers last year and really enjoyed it. I'm using the webquest I wrote last year for the project, but this year we want record the children's voices reading the stories they wrote. We hope to post them as podcasts this year on our website.

I teach in a tech lab and am doing the project with our four first grade classes. We use Mac computers and received the new Intel iMacs this year. We also have a Smart Board.


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