Gingerbread Boys

Hello! We are Miss Luongo's class in Rockaway, NJ.

We haev 5 computers in our classroom. 2 are older MACs and 3 are brand-new flat screen PCs! We also have a wheel-able SMARTboard that we use 1-2 times a week. We use computers daily to use Successmaker and Knowledge Box software. We also write our journals on the computer once a week in the computer lab.

We are not sure how we will use Kidspiration for this project, but I have used it as a web creator in the past. Any ideas?

We will be reading The Gingerbread Boy soon and writing more!

Have a nice day!!!


Welcome to the Kidspired Frosty Readers 2007 blog. Please introduce yourselves and let us know how you use your classroom computers. How many computers do you have? Do you use them in learning centers? What are the biggest challenges you've encountered and were you able to come up with solutions? Once this project is complete, how do you plan to use our Kidspiration templates with your students? We have so much to talk about and learn from each other. Let the conversation begin!


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