Hi. I'm Laurie from Arkansas. I teach 2nd grade. I have 3 student computers in the room. We also have a computer lab once a week for an hour. Most of the time the students work on Compass program in the computer lab. On some days when I'm in the lab with them we have a lesson on using word, power point, internet, kidspiration, etc. It is difficult to allow students to use classroom computers to complete assignments. While I have 3 working on computers the other 20 kids feel like they have to talk to me right then, making it difficult to help computer people. It is easier to teach in the lab but we don't get to visit it enough for kids to retain skills learned on computer. I love the enthusiam the children have to do anything on the computer.


  1. Susan Silverman said...
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    Susan Silverman said...
    Hi Laurie,
    Here's an idea. Use your classroom computers for a center activity rather than to complete an assignment. For example: Choose a Kidspiration activity from this project. At the beginning of the week, have all your students gather around one computer and show them the Kidspiration activity. It would be best to save it as a template in advance. Kidspiration calls templates activities.
    You can find instructions on how to save an activity and use it as a template on: http://www.northcanton.sparcc.org/~technology/Tutorials/kidspiration.html
    If a student needs help they should ask a classmate before coming to you. Students can take turns as "tech support" each week.
    It worked well for me and I'm sure it will for you too!
    If you give it a try, please let us know the results.
    Kristen Breckenridge said...
    I am in three buildings throughout the day and I am currently developing a Reading through Technology program at our middle school. I see four classes of fifth graders every week in a four week cycle. I enjoy using the interactive projects to integrate into our reading program.
    Judy S said...
    Or check the templates included in the program for quick and easy projects. Try to build on the Kidspiration skills begun in the lab...even do the exact same project, but with a different subject matter.

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